One week in sunny Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

Hi ! I am Ann ! This February me and my daughter had a chance to spend one week in sunny  Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. We really loved it to warm up at the beach, I really don’t like cold winters so for me it was absolutely wonderful to be there. In Sharm el-Sheikh the entire vacation comes down to the beach and sea. I would like to share some of my pics with you..
Sharm el-Sheikh_30
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Novosibirsk Russia – as it is ..

Yesterday I was walking around the city and shooting some random pics here and there.
If you wonder what Novosibirsk like in February, that’s how it is..

Fifty Shades of Grey – a masterpiece or worst movie ever | Review

You would think that these kind of movies will make your Friday night ! But what a disaster it was… Movie is boring, stupid, and just a waste of time and money, especially when you heard about it that much, and expect it to be really great..
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My Mistress | Review

Watched this movie for 17 minutes…  What can I say, for 17 minutes nothing happened. Nothing cool, fun, remarkable or plain interesting. How could you rate this movie ? My rule is if in 10 minutes a movie can’t grab your attention, then it is waste of time. So here you go..
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Togetherness | Review

Not horrible, but definitely not a masterpiece. Watched just first episode of the first season, usually the first episode is the greatest one or at least one of the greatest. If Orange is the New Black was the hot rocket from the first second, Togetherness is more like a flying ripe cucumber over..
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American Sniper | Review

Interesting story, engaging scenario, well shot movie. Bradley Cooper shines, pretty much as always. It is well worth to watch this movie. From time to time it gets a bit rough, if you are sensitive , and have a gentle heart it might be somewhat tough for you..
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Paul Blart: Mall Cop | Review

Nice, simple comedy! Though Humor  gets sometimes a bit stupid, but it doesn’t get to the point of stupidity where you can’t watch the movie any more.  Good for kids, teenagers and entire family..
paul-blart-rawk-band 111
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The Ron Clark Story | Review

Absolutely interesting, inspiring and amazing movie that is well worth watching. It is not a comedy, it is an inspiring story that has power perhaps to change some aspects of your life for good..
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Big eyes | Review

It is really hard nowadays to find a decent movie. Last Saturday before coming home I really prayed for a good movie, and Lord sent a nice one. These  kind of things make me somewhat religious. Anyway Big Eyes turned out to be a nice movie, it is a 2014 American biographical romantic drama film directed by Tim Burton, and starring…
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