Hookers in China

Officially prostitution is prohibited in China, and punished according to Chinese law. But as you know in some places laws don’t work as they are supposed to. You can get a hooker for an hour for a night easily..  Read more..

Spring in Paris, part 2.

My friend Natali Rossi, recently visited Paris, France, I met with her in one of the coffee shops and we talked a bit about her trip. Well she kind of fell in love with this city in the spring. To be honest while sitting in the coffee shop for two hours I have got a bit tired listening about Paris. She shared some of her pics and I am posting her second day in Paris. Let’s see..

One spring day in Paris, France

If you would like to know what is April like in Paris, my friend Natali just came back from this lovely city, and she was generous enough to share some beautiful pics from Paris.
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5 Important Tips how to travel in Russia!

Since I have spent in this country around 25 years, I know it really well and can share a tip or two about Russia. Safety is the first thing that comes in mind.  Is Russia really safe in comparison to the western countries ?
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Tess Holliday – fattest Super Model in the World!

Tess Holliday the fattest super model in the world 01
If you like fat girls then Tess Holliday might be your standard of beauty. Tess is definitely very fat and very pretty in many ways. Recently I came across her pictures and could not resist to mention about her at Lolbol. Well lets check out together some of her pretty photos.. What do you think ?!
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Sitges Spain, Sveta’s trip, Day 3.

Sitges is a town about 35 kilometres southwest of Barcelona, renowned worldwide for its Film Festival and Carnival. Located between the Garraf Massif and the sea, it is known for its beaches, nightspots, and historical sites.
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Spring in Barcelona! Day 2.


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If you have not seen my first day in Barcelona it is here.. Day 1

Hi all ! I am Sveta. This is my first post at this site.

This spring I visited lovely Barcelona and would like to share some pics..   Day 1.
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