Kim vs. Cindy..

kim kardashian
Do you think Kim Kardashian is really that beautiful ?! Read more..

Last snow in Scandinavia with my bicycle, Sweden

The ship was closing to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. There were many beautiful houses around small islands. I guessed some rich people lived there. Read more.. 

Travers Beynon – is this guy for real ?!

Perhaps you heard about Travers Beynon, but I came across his story just recently… I was amazed.. the guy is living pretty much every man’s dream..  doing nothing, having fun, and a lots of hot girls around..  what do you think is it really a dream.. Read more..

Gemma Bovery – beautiful romantic movie! | Review

Gemma Bovery movie 1
If you are into drama-romance movies, then most likely you will enjoy Gemma Bovery. I would say it is a classy French movie, with beautiful actors and scenery. Gemma Bovery is a story about young English lady who comes to French countryside to enjoy simple and easygoing life. Her neighbor Martin, semi-retired baker falls in love with Gemma, though he doesn’t have courage to charm her into his net, meanwhile Gemma sleeps around with a younger neighbor. I wouldn’t call it a hot, steamy romantic movie, this one is a bit slow but beautiful, and very enjoyable! Read more..

Barely Lethal – review

Barely Lethal – another bullshit movie, there is nothing else to add to it.. Watched it for six minutes, after that turned my TV off, had some coffee and smoked a cigarette. Read more..

Down and Out in Beverly Hills – great movie for Saturday night!

If you have not watched this one you have to.. Classic comedy DOWN and OUT BEVERLY HILLS has it all ! Great humour, intelligent sarcasm, interesting storyline..
Read more..

Welcome to Chicago !

Welcome to Chicago ! What can you expect ?! Read more..

Mega trip: From Pula to Zürich via Italy

Mega trip From Pula to Zürich via Italy
Last year I had very different beginning of May than now :) My staying in Croatia approached to its end. I thought – why should I take fast train and arrive in Zürich in just one day if I can use 5 days left from the winter vacation? This gave me an opportunity to move slowly, looking at the majestic places around. Read more..

May Day Parade, Monstration in Russia )

May 1st is a big deal in Russia, people celebrate the coming of spring and also Labor Day.
I hardly was able to wake up on time, took shower very quickly and drove to the center of the city to watch May 1st Parade. Read more..