What is the best choice for Greece, stay or go free ?!

greece financial disaster
The Greek government will on Sunday night consider imposing capital controls and closing the country’s banks on Monday. That sounds scary.. Read more..

Well Gays won! Why don’t we legalize Polygamy?!

gay marriage ruling 1
Just 50 years ago nobody thought it would happen, now I guess it is ok for a man to marry another man (the same applies to women), how about next thing a man marries three women or a woman marries three men, is that ok ?!! Read more..

Charleston shooting, maybe it is time to wake up and do something ? But what can we do ?

Dylann Roof Charleston Shooting 2
I was shocked once again… Some crazy wacko killed nine innocent people in church. It is a crazy world, it definitely is if stuff like that happens, and it happens quite often. What else  is very apparent, it is the fact,  among all advanced countries, this kind of gun violence happens only in the US. Read more..

I have to confess – Apple is overpriced junk, and this is why..

Why Apple is overpriced junk
My first Gadget from Apple was Ipod Classic, beautifully designed device, I literally fell in love with it, the price was around $340, which was high, but what the heck, I paid.  Read more..

Bruce Jenner has been unveiled as a woman, isn’t it late at 65 ?!

For the last year or so I was reading, hearing, watching stories about Bruce Jenner, and how at the age of 65, Bruce had a desire to become a woman.
Bruce Jenner Caitlyn Jenner
Read more..

Road trip, wild camping in Altai mountains

Recently I was camping at the Altai Mountains, we spent four days on the bank of the Katun river at the footsteps of Altai Mountains. Read more..

Those cute street cats..

Today I have met cute cats at the construction site, not too far from my house. They charmed me deeply..  Cats appeared to be homeless. Read more..