Bought Crocs today for $5, could not believe it

Actually always wanted to buy Crocs (  pretty much everyone knows this Brand. Sort of stylish, innovative and with high promo. Read more..

It is not an easy job to catch illegal immigrants!

European leaders have been thinking really hard  for years what to do with illegal immigrants who are already in Europe, and how to stop new ones from coming to Europe. Read more..

In about 10 years movie theaters will be gone!

does anyone go to the movie theater
Things change rapidly in this world, my kids perhaps will not know what a newspaper is.
I stopped going to the movie theaters, at some point I realized there is no reason for me to go there! Read more..

Change of heart on Donald Trump !

For the last several weeks I saw Donald Trump on every major TV channel, pretty much every day..  Read more..

Washington DC is definitely beautiful..

Got to admit one of the best places in the US.. Read more..

Amsterdam: The Cannabis Capital of Europe.. perhaps the world )))

Read more..

Is Donald Trump going to be a great president ?!

Donald trump for President 1
We all know Donald Trump, it is hard not to know him and what he has done.
In any TV interview Donald Trump will mention several times how he built many great companies.. Read more..