Best video of November ! What a joy !

In fact it is Sainsbury’s OFFICIAL Christmas Advert 2015, but what an advert, I could watch such adverts all day long ! Enjoy !

Installing Viber on PC..

viber for pc
Well I am installing Viber on PC, it is just so much faster to Type on my keyboard, and my phone screen is not that huge. Dont like the phones that dont fit into my pocket. Well it turns out that Viber is 96 MB big..  isn’t it too much for a PC messenger ? Hopefully it will not take 1 gig of my disk space when it will be installed.
p.s. Installed seems working..

Top 50 companies hiring telecommute, yeah right..

telecommute dream jobs
I wonder is it possible to find a telecommute job nowadays ? Is it real at all ! I found an article on Forbes … something like Top 50 companies that hire telecommute, I checked about 20 of them, literally went to their websites, no telecommute jobs whatsoever. It seems like the only telecommute jobs that are available out there are total scam.

Wedding Crashers – wish I would spend my summer like this !

best romantic comedies  wedding crashers review 4
If you are 18 years old or maybe 20 then perhaps you missed this wonderful romantic comedy – Wedding Crashers. Read more..