Brexit is better !

brexit is better
Something unbelievable happened this week. British voters decided to break out of the European union and to be independent! This kind of thing makes me to believe in democracy and western values! Read more..

Excuse me – but Euro 2016 is pointless, and many football fans are plain dummies !

For the last week or even more.. there were so much info about all this Euro 2016!
I am asking myself what is the Big deal really ?  Who cares..  About 30 well trained guys run like horse.. Read more..

A bit too Fat or a bit too Skinny ?!

Fat or Skinny
Recently I was thinking,  how is it better.. to be a bit Fat or a bit Skinny ? Read more..

Is it really possible to lose so much weight ?

I could not believe it, but it seems it is true. A girl from New Zealand decided to change her life once and for all when her weight reached 372 pounds (170kgs). Read more..