Altai mountains in May..

Definitely Altai Mountains are very far..   But we had a chance to visit it in the Spring this is why I can’t wait to share with you some pics that I have got from my last trip..russia_altai_10121_01 russia_altai_10121_08
Really wild places..
russia_altai_10121_07 russia_altai_10121_06
Local village
russia_altai_10121_05 russia_altai_10121_04
It was going to rain
russia_altai_10121_03 russia_altai_10121_09
Altai has always been a special place for us
russia_altai_10121_11 russia_altai_10121_13
Not so many people live in these places
russia_altai_10121_14 russia_altai_10121_15
But if you live here then it is definitely quiet and peaceful
russia_altai_10121_16 russia_altai_10121_17
A good place to fish..
russia_altai_10121_18 russia_altai_10121_19

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