Another sexy girl goes to Jail !

Well you probably heard about Abigail Kemp, if not .. imagine that, sweet country girl, who was raised in the middle-income family, perhaps went to church, turned out to be a criminal…Abigail-Kemp-sexy-girl-goes-to-jail-02
I mean a really bad criminal. Abigail faces 20 years in jail if convicted of six armed robberies where more than $4million worth of jewels were stolen.Abigail-Kemp-sexy-girl-goes-to-jail-01  
You would think a girl like this would marry a country boy, get kids, would go to church every sunday morning, and just would have a happy family life.
But apparently that was not the case for Abigail Kemp. Somehow she decided to rob jewelry stores. What a great idea ! How that could happen ??!!
I mean for real, how a sweet girl like this could choose such a wrong path ??!!!
Who is responsible, that a sweet girl like this became a criminal ?
Who should we blame…  Abigail, her family, friends, school, society, church.. all together ?

Now Abigail Kemp is facing 20 years in prison, and probably will spend the best part of her life in prison.
Hopefully nothing like this will happen to your kids.
Take care about your family! Peace ! 

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