Mega trip: From Pula to Zürich via Italy

Mega trip From Pula to Zürich via Italy
Last year I had very different beginning of May than now :) My staying in Croatia approached to its end. I thought – why should I take fast train and arrive in Zürich in just one day if I can use 5 days left from the winter vacation? This gave me an opportunity to move slowly, looking at the majestic places around. Read more..

Sitges Spain, Sveta’s trip, Day 3.

Sitges is a town about 35 kilometres southwest of Barcelona, renowned worldwide for its Film Festival and Carnival. Located between the Garraf Massif and the sea, it is known for its beaches, nightspots, and historical sites.
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Spring in Barcelona! Day 2.


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If you have not seen my first day in Barcelona it is here.. Day 1

Hi all ! I am Sveta. This is my first post at this site.

This spring I visited lovely Barcelona and would like to share some pics..   Day 1.
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Pretty Woman – best romantic movie ever | Review

Well, if you have not watched this one, you definitely should watch it! Pretty Woman is definitely one of the best romantic movies. Most of us have seen this movie and not just..
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Is this a woman or man ?!

I was really surprised when I saw this pic, it turns out that this is a man !
The guy was really brave to share his story with the public, hopefully none of us will be in this kind of shape.
Man lost 230 pounds Matt Diazz
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Chef – nice movie from Depression | Review – was it paid by Twitter ?!

So last night I was looking once again for a nice, good comedy! I wanted to watch something nice and relaxing, something what would light me up and raised my spirit, cause lately I was experiencing medium level of depression! Among hundreds of movies decided to watch Chef..
сруа 2014 2
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Maverick – Best movie ever | Review

Though Maverick is quite an old movie, and probably most of us watched it many times   before, nevertheless after watching it third time I couldn’t resist to mention about this..
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