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(France) Unexpectedly, French people are enough kind

I read some article that many of tourists don’t like touring France, because the local people are too cold. But in my experience, France is the same as other country that there are many kind people. Read more..

About Dams, Lambs, Rams and … Summer?

I have decided to stay in Borgarfjordur Eystri for a while. Read more..

(Ukraine) Beautiful flowers are everywhere

Ukraine Beautiful flowers are everywhere
I had really amazing time in the ski resort that I wanted to buy a neck key chain which had the name of the ski resort. Actually I lost the key for the lock last year and I needed a new neck key chain which was the best way to keep the key. Read more..

Last snow in Scandinavia with my bicycle, Sweden

The ship was closing to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. There were many beautiful houses around small islands. I guessed some rich people lived there. Read more.. 

Mega trip 2014 packing, flying and entering Switzerland

Our half-year long “vacation” already started! In the first part I will tell you how we missed our plane, spent an incredible night in Malpensa airport and tired, but still happy arrived to Zürich.
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Bikini girl in Thai, day 2

If you have never been in Pattaya, you should definitely go and see it for yourself,
hopefully you will go one day, but right now you can see it through the lens of my camera

Hi ! I am Inna, I work at the office of the shoe retail company.

It is my first time posting at LB. Two months ago I had a trip to Pattaya Thailand. And would love to share with you some of my experiences in Pattaya.