Altai mountains in May..

Definitely Altai Mountains are very far..   But we had a chance to visit it. Read more..

A perfect French woman..


This is how I thought a real French woman should look like..). Read more..

About Real French Women..

France is a beautiful country, definitely ! Every time when I thought about France I actually thought about fashion.. Read more..

Road to Orton, wild mountains of Siberia

I was lucky enough, this week I visited mountains about 50 km to the South from the city of Mezhdurechensk. It is fall in Siberia, and days are chilly. Read more..

Walking in Paris..

Paris is lovely as usual, I think everyone should visit this place at least once in his/her life. Read more..

(France) Unexpectedly, French people are enough kind

I read some article that many of tourists don’t like touring France, because the local people are too cold. But in my experience, France is the same as other country that there are many kind people. Read more..

About Dams, Lambs, Rams and … Summer?

I have decided to stay in Borgarfjordur Eystri for a while. Read more..

Jacobs coffee Birthday Party at the Riverside

I guess this sunday Jacobs was celebrating it’s Birthday at the Riverside.
The event started at noon, we showed up only at about 19 pm. Read more..

(Ukraine) Beautiful flowers are everywhere

Ukraine Beautiful flowers are everywhere
I had really amazing time in the ski resort that I wanted to buy a neck key chain which had the name of the ski resort. Actually I lost the key for the lock last year and I needed a new neck key chain which was the best way to keep the key. Read more..

Amsterdam: The Cannabis Capital of Europe.. perhaps the world )))

Read more..