Burj Khalifa, Dubai mall

Heard so much about this place. Read more..

The hottest Bald girl on Internet!

Sure enough girls like long hair, and guys like girls who have long hair.
But what if you don’t ? Read more..

Fat ass competition !

It is a different world, and now Ladies compete on a totally different level !
Just look at this for yourself. Read more..

Japanese school girls at work!

You can notice these girls from far away! Mini-skirt, stockings a lot of make-up and naive smile! She will approach you, and will make an offer! Read more..

Moscow Christmas Bicycle ride at – 30 C !

How about that, it is January and it is -30 degrees C. Read more..

Naked annual corporate calendars !

I guess it was true 50 years ago, obviously it is true nowadays as well – Naked body
can promote whatever needs you might have. Read more..

Naked photos while being pregnant…?

So I wonder is it a new norm to take almost naked photos while being pregnant and post them on Social Media ? Or I am just old fashioned.. ? Read more..

Photographer tries to find husbands for his sexy Supermodels !

You would think it is unrealistic to marry a Supermodel ! Most people think for average Joe it is possible only in his dreams !   But it turns out the world is much better than this !  In fact everyone has a chance to marry a hot, sexy, Supermodel with long legs! Photographer Ivan Letohin is working really hard to find husbands for his sexy Supermodels. Read more..

Esther Barrabeig wins 1000 Euros, in Spanish Condom Competition

News from Spain…
Esther Barrabeig won 1000 Euros, in Spanish Condom Competition. 29 years old from the city of Reus, was able to put on 11 condoms.. Read more..

Brexit is better !

brexit is better
Something unbelievable happened this week. British voters decided to break out of the European union and to be independent! This kind of thing makes me to believe in democracy and western values! Read more..