Excuse me – but Euro 2016 is pointless, and many football fans are plain dummies !

For the last week or even more.. there were so much info about all this Euro 2016!
I am asking myself what is the Big deal really ?  Who cares..  About 30 well trained guys run like horse.. Read more..

A bit too Fat or a bit too Skinny ?!

Fat or Skinny
Recently I was thinking,  how is it better.. to be a bit Fat or a bit Skinny ? Read more..

Is it really possible to lose so much weight ?

I could not believe it, but it seems it is true. A girl from New Zealand decided to change her life once and for all when her weight reached 372 pounds (170kgs). Read more..

Testing for one month – Alcatel POP 3 (5.5)

Well one month ago I have bought this beautiful smartphone. And after one month it is time now to give it a quick review.

Do you shop at Ali Express ?!

Well I do now..  Forget about traditional shopping and even Amazon. 
It was my first order. I ordered a computer mouse, it arrived in two weeks. Yes you have to wait with Ali. Well but the price so good.. Read more..

Sweet Bunny – a present for my girlfriend

I actually killed last two days thinking about birthday present for my girlfriend. Read more..

A perfect French woman..


This is how I thought a real French woman should look like..). Read more..

About Real French Women..

France is a beautiful country, definitely ! Every time when I thought about France I actually thought about fashion.. Read more..

Social Media Stars that make millions $$$

You would think they are just pretty girls, and they do it cause they are too bored, so they shoot pics of their sexy bodies. But in fact there is a reason. Read more..

Another sexy girl goes to Jail !

Well you probably heard about Abigail Kemp, if not .. imagine that, sweet country girl, who was raised in the middle-income family, perhaps went to church, turned out to be a criminal… Read more..