Excuse me – but Euro 2016 is pointless, and many football fans are plain dummies !


For the last week or even more.. there were so much info about all this Euro 2016!
I am asking myself what is the Big deal really ?  Who cares..  About 30 well trained guys run like horses, for 2 or maybe 3 hours in the field, just to kick  a little ball ?!!! And maybe by the end of the second hour one of those guys will hit this ball well enough to make it a goal ! Whoop Dee Doo !
It amazes me even more.. hundreds of thousands of people are going to these matches.. spend their time, a lots of money for the tickets. They yell, scream, often they fight like crazy pigs..
How nice would it be if those footballers, instead of kicking the ball and wasting their limitless muscle power, would plant some trees around French cities, and their fans would clean the streets !
That would be a really good game, called – “Plant trees, clean the streets !”, and the world would be a happier place for everybody, even for those guys.

Would love to hear from you..