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Would you like to transfer your loved one with more comfort and highly reliable cardiac care ambulance services from Patna? Then, It is your ultimate decision to once pick a call to Asha Ambulance Service in Patna. This emergency ambulance provider will not only care for your loved one patient intensively but it also makes more comfort your ambulance journey. Generally, this ambulance service is the most experienced road-way ambulance services in Patna. All the medium of medical evacuation services like Air Ambulance, Cardiac Care Ambulance, Commercial Stretcher, Train Ambulance, Basic Life Saver Ambulance, and Emergency ICU Ambulance Service, this ambulance company provides for 24/7 Hours day-night to the needy one.

The entire sources of ambulance journeys are under the control of one of the highly reputed and experienced ICU expert team units. Cardiac Care Ambulance is the best and the most demanded ambulance which completes this medical transfer journey of the air ambulance and itself. The whole sets of emergency equipment are connected to the patient from the primary bed to the destination bed. Especially, Asha Ambulance Service in Patna takes care of the freshest and sanitized accommodation for the patients’ sake for each medical journey.

Apart from the patients’ displacements, we provide all the ways and means to displace the sacred body’s sake. In this dead body transportation, we almost provide A to Z essential services such as- Coffin Box, Embalming, Freezer Box, and Funeral Ambulance Services. We are always loyal and available to all the classes of needy people round the clock.

HELPLINE: +91 79035 20263; +91 93346 91234