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Life is only a puppet in the hand of God. No one knows when misfortune happens in one's life. It is true, "Good Deed never goes in vain"; therefore always do the good deed. We are a lifesaver and your responsible caretaker in Patna. It is a medical certified and registered ambulance service company named- Asha Ambulance Service, AAS. We are a 24/7 Hour ® on-duty service company that is capable of transferring any severe patient from Patna to anywhere in India.

Asha Ambulance Services in Patna is embellished with all types of ICU setup in medical transportation convenience. In ICU Setup, we provide Cardiac Monitor, Ventilator, Suction Pump, Nebulizer, Infusion Pump, Defibrillator, External Pacemaker, Emergency Medicines, and all the standard life stocks to the emergency patient. The most expert ICU Specialists (Doctors, Paramedical Technicians, and ICU Personnel) manage this ambulance conduction in connection with the patient's treatment and care's sake.

We provide the following ambulance services from Patna:

Cardiac Care Roadway Ambulance
Basic Care Ground Ambulance
Air Charter Ambulance Service
Charter Aircraft Medical Flight
Commercial Stretcher in Airline
Train Ambulance Service with Doctor
Ventilator Ambulance Service
Emergency ICU Support Ambulance
Emergency NICU Support Ambulance
Emergency SICU Support Ambulance
Emergency Accidental Ambulance
Dead Body Transportation Service
Coffin Box Dispatching Service
Freezer Box Delivery Service
Funeral Ambulance Service
Now anyone can get above mentioned all emergency services on-phone. We are always helpful and sheet anchor for your patient in this nick time of emergency medical condition.

Helpline No: +91 79035 20263; +91 93346 91234