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Patna, Bihar, India
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Every patient's care is our responsibility, whenever his relative comes into contact with us. Hello! This is an ISO Certified Asha Ambulance Service located at Kankarbagh in Patna, Bihar. We are your patient's caretaker in the ambulance service. Our services are Cardiac Care Ground Ambulance, Basic Life Saver Road Ambulance, Train Ambulance, Air Charter Ambulance, Commercial Stretcher, and Emergency ICU Ambulance. We are operating all the above emergency ambulance services from Patna to Delhi or another major city hospital round the clock.

Actually, inside the ambulance service, it must be better quality and higher safety in connection with the patient. Here, ASHA Cardiac Ambulance in Patna is well-set emergency supplies inside the ambulance. Not only ventilator but also we provide Infusion machines, cardiac monitor, suction pump, nebulizer, oxygen cylinder, and so on. Our ambulance journey is totally based on from one bed to the referred bed where our ICU experts pay their 100% in this medical transportation services. If you are the needy ones, then always call us for this cardiac ambulance service from Patna. We are accessible to you round the clock on-phone.

Helpline No: +91 79035 20263; +91 93346 91234
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