Hi ! I am Inna, I work at the office of the shoe retail company

Hi ! I am Inna, I work at the office of the shoe retail company. It is my first time posting at the LB. Two months ago I had a trip to Pattaya Thailand. And would love to share with you some of my experiences in Pattaya.
With the eyes full of hope I was sitting at the airport with my relatives, and thinking about hot weather, sun, and nice beaches..


I have got bored and went to Duty free, after tose prices I have got a bit dizzy hot_girl_in_thailand_002

 Already in Thai… got on a bus and going to the hotel


All got crazy hungry and stopped at some local convenient marthot_girl_in_thailand_004

Here I am already in a nice hotel, enjoying my time…hot_girl_in_thailand_005

In the evening I went to hang out and party..

My friend claimed that the singer is really a he… well you never know..))

2am… getting a bit tired

3am .. going homehot_girl_in_thailand_009

But wait we decided to swim in the pool.. though we could get arrested.. but what the hell !

Morning of next day, clear blue sky… sunny.. 



Well couple shots of beautiful me hot_girl_in_thailand_014


Some more

What Thailand without the pool ?!!! 


After the pool I have got some Mangos !

Got tired and went to lunch… very Thai traditional lunch…


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