May Day Parade, Monstration in Russia

May Day Parade, Monstration in Russia )
May 1st is a big deal in Russia, people celebrate the coming of spring and also Labor Day.

I hardly was able to wake on time, took shower very quickly and drove to the center of the city to watch May 1st Parade.
The first column of demonstrators was the one from Communist party. Though it was a fairly large column of communists, but it was somewhat boring..  the same red banners, and the same slogans that I see year after year.
May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_05 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_06
At the head of the column was the folk’s favorite mayor of Novosibirsk Anatoliy Locot.
May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_07 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_08 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_09 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_10 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_11 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_12 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_13
After the communists, we saw a happy group of folks from Fair Russia party. 
Those guys had a little brass band that played festive patriotic songs, and it kind of was boosting peoples mood )
May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_15 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_16
One lady was giving away flags and balloons..May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_17
After the  Fair Russia column I saw guys from the party by the name Apple.  It was a small group of people, but very friendly..
May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_18 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_19

Of course I was waiting for the main heroes and favourites of every demonstration in Novosibirsk the group of people that locals call MONSTRANTERS.  MONSTRANTERS a free group of people that have bizarre brightly colored costumes, gibberish slogans on placards and all with gently tugging political subtext.
Monstration was founded in 2004 and was running every year for the last 12 years. This year Monstranters wanted to join the  parade as usual but unfortunately police just cordoned off their gathering point and told them they had to be authorized to take part.

May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_24 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_25 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_26 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_27 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_28 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_29 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_30
So I spent maybe another hour or so in the center of the city eating hot dogs and drinking coffee, after that I went home..
May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_31 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_32 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_33 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_34 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_35 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_36 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_37 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_38 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_39 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_40 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_41 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_42 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_43 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_44 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_45 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_46 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_47 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_48 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_49 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_50 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_51 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_52 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_53 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_54 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_55 May_Day_Parade_Monstration_in_Russia_56

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