My seven days vacation in Sharm el-Sheikh Egypt, plus Israel


Sharm el-Sheikh is an Egyptian resort area between the desert of the Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea. It’s known for its long beaches and clear waters.
This march I had a little break from my work and decided to go Egypt.  It is really nice to get back to some sunny place, especially if you have winters so much as I do.
Sharm-el-Sheikh-vacation-02 Sharm-el-Sheikh-vacation-03
Since I am a budget traveler,  my hotel was but not the nicest one
Sharm-el-Sheikh-vacation-04 Sharm-el-Sheikh-vacation-05
My Room, nothing special really, but quite acceptable
Sharm-el-Sheikh-vacation-06 Sharm-el-Sheikh-vacation-07
Those Egyptian guys, to be honest I was a bit scared of them, because they are so horny… I guess it is really difficult with women in Egypt, due to culture.
Sharm-el-Sheikh-vacation-09 Sharm-el-Sheikh-vacation-10
Sea is always great, not matter what sea
Sharm-el-Sheikh-vacation-11 Sharm-el-Sheikh-vacation-12
They say the Sea in Egypt is perfect for Scuba diving
Sharm-el-Sheikh-vacation-13 Sharm-el-Sheikh-vacation-14
Beautiful me ! )))
Sharm-el-Sheikh-vacation-15 Sharm-el-Sheikh-vacation-16
Rocks..  no comment hereSharm-el-Sheikh-vacation-17  Outside the hotel area in Sharm el-Sheikh there is nothing to do Sharm-el-Sheikh-vacation-20 Sharm-el-Sheikh-vacation-21
People enjoying their time
Sharm-el-Sheikh-vacation-22 Sharm-el-Sheikh-vacation-23
The shore in Sharm el-Sheikh is good, but not the greatest, I would say in Turkey Antalya is better
Sharm-el-Sheikh-vacation-24 Sharm-el-Sheikh-vacation-25
Sometimes it felt almost like Mars
Sharm-el-Sheikh-vacation-26 Sharm-el-Sheikh-vacation-28  While being in Egypt, I had a chance to visit the Israel as wellSharm-el-Sheikh-vacation-35 Sharm-el-Sheikh-vacation-36
Supposedly Jesus was somewhere around these places long time ago. People stupid enough now, I wonder how stupid were people couple thousand years ago
Sharm-el-Sheikh-vacation-37 Sharm-el-Sheikh-vacation-38 Sharm-el-Sheikh-vacation-39

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