My vacation in Nha Trang, Vietnam – part 1

I don’t like cold weather, and would love to live in a hot country, but not all of us are so fortunate. In February I decided to spend one week in Vietnam, at one of the most popular tourist’s destinations – Nha Trang. Of course I shot a lot of pics at this city and want to share them with you.

It was my first visit to Vietnam
Vietnam-Nha-Trang-my-vacation-03 Vietnam-Nha-Trang-my-vacation-04

I didn’t know what to expect
Vietnam-Nha-Trang-my-vacation-05 Vietnam-Nha-Trang-my-vacation-06

I was afraid that Nha Trang will be a boring place
Vietnam-Nha-Trang-my-vacation-07 Vietnam-Nha-Trang-my-vacation-09

I was even more afraid that my hotel will be a nasty, dirty place

Though I must admit I was wrong
Vietnam-Nha-Trang-my-vacation-13 Vietnam-Nha-Trang-my-vacation-14

Vietnam turned out to be a nice country
Vietnam-Nha-Trang-my-vacation-15 Vietnam-Nha-Trang-my-vacation-16

With hot tropical climate
Vietnam-Nha-Trang-my-vacation-17 Vietnam-Nha-Trang-my-vacation-18

Generally nice friendly people
Vietnam-Nha-Trang-my-vacation-19 Vietnam-Nha-Trang-my-vacation-21

Beautiful nature
Vietnam-Nha-Trang-my-vacation-22 Vietnam-Nha-Trang-my-vacation-23

Nha Trang is ok city
Vietnam-Nha-Trang-my-vacation-24 Vietnam-Nha-Trang-my-vacation-25

Beach is fine
Vietnam-Nha-Trang-my-vacation-27 Vietnam-Nha-Trang-my-vacation-28

Hotels for any budget
Vietnam-Nha-Trang-my-vacation-29 Vietnam-Nha-Trang-my-vacation-30

Palms are everywhere
Vietnam-Nha-Trang-my-vacation-31 Vietnam-Nha-Trang-my-vacation-32

I was thinking Nha Trang will be full of tourists..
Vietnam-Nha-Trang-my-vacation-33 Vietnam-Nha-Trang-my-vacation-34

But it was not.. Stay tuned for part 2 from Nha Tran, Vietnam

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