My vacation in Nha Trang, Vietnam – part 2

Nothing can be better than to close the door of your old house, get on an airplane, and fly away to some unknown places where you have never been before.. I felt really great when I finally was sitting on the airplane to Vietnam..

I visited local Zoo at the Nha Trang
Visiting-Vientam-Nha-Trang-02 Visiting-Vientam-Nha-Trang-03

To be honest nothing special
Visiting-Vientam-Nha-Trang-04 Visiting-Vientam-Nha-Trang-05

But it was nice to see some wild, cute animals
Visiting-Vientam-Nha-Trang-06 Visiting-Vientam-Nha-Trang-07

A lot of Monkeys in Nha Trang
Visiting-Vientam-Nha-Trang-08 Visiting-Vientam-Nha-Trang-09

We had a chance to see the Military Museum
Visiting-Vientam-Nha-Trang-10 Visiting-Vientam-Nha-Trang-11

Mostly American tanks, and helicopters
Visiting-Vientam-Nha-Trang-12 Visiting-Vientam-Nha-Trang-13

Tanks looked fairly new..
Visiting-Vientam-Nha-Trang-14 Visiting-Vientam-Nha-Trang-15

I spent about 3 hours wondering around this museum
Visiting-Vientam-Nha-Trang-16 Visiting-Vientam-Nha-Trang-17

This one didn’t look like it can fly
Visiting-Vientam-Nha-Trang-18 Visiting-Vientam-Nha-Trang-19

While wondering around I thought about stupidity of wars
Visiting-Vientam-Nha-Trang-20  Visiting-Vientam-Nha-Trang-22

They have a pretty decent Catholic temple in Nha Trang


This is the railway station

Tourists can get around the city by Taxi or Horse baggy
Visiting-Vientam-Nha-Trang-28 Visiting-Vientam-Nha-Trang-29

To some areas you can get even by Boat

I definitely chose the boat

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