Our second day – streets of Pattaya

The center of the city quite crowded, narrow sidewalks, a lot of bikes, people, cars.. buildings wall to wall.
pattaya-street-life-01In the downtown of Pattaya there a lot of foreigners, Americans, Russians, Germans, we met some folks from Kazakhstan..
Sidewalks are not boring, different shops, vendors, street carts..
pattaya-street-life-03 pattaya-street-life-04 pattaya-street-life-05
In Thailand I tried some fruits that I had not eaten before.
pattaya-street-life-06 pattaya-street-life-07
Thai food… many folks truly enjoy thai food, and buy it from these kinds of restaurants ( if you can call it so.. ). I chose a safe way, and ate only at McDonalds, KFC, and Italian place.
pattaya-street-life-08 pattaya-street-life-09 pattaya-street-life-10 pattaya-street-life-11
Want some Soup ??!! Not a problem ! A guy on a motorbike will drive up to you and will serve you a plate..
I met quite a few American men in their 50s, who come here to relax and enjoy their time with Thai girlfriends..
pattaya-street-life-13 pattaya-street-life-14 pattaya-street-life-15
7-11 pretty much everythere…
pattaya-street-life-16 pattaya-street-life-17 pattaya-street-life-20 pattaya-street-life-21
What a great climate in Thailand ! Want to rest ?!! Not a problem… you can sleep anywhere.. it is warm ! You cant do it in Russia.
pattaya-street-life-22 pattaya-street-life-23
Center of Pattaya… city’s beach… unfortunately the water is dirty, so you cant swim
pattaya-street-life-24 pattaya-street-life-25 pattaya-street-life-26
But you can enjoy your time just sitting around.
pattaya-street-life-27 pattaya-street-life-28 pattaya-street-life-29 pattaya-street-life-30
This lady sells fresh-squeezed juices..
pattaya-street-life-31 pattaya-street-life-32 pattaya-street-life-33

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