Road to Orton, wild mountains of Siberia

Road to Orton, wild mountains of Siberia
I was lucky enough, this week I visited mountains about 50 km to the South from the city of Mezhdurechensk. It is fall in Siberia, and days are chilly, we spent entire day outdoors in the wild mountains of Siberia ( in one little part of it).
Trip-to-mountains-Siberia-01 Trip-to-mountains-Siberia-02
The nature was stunning..
Trip-to-mountains-Siberia-04 Trip-to-mountains-Siberia-05
That’s where we were..
Actually we met a bear, but I wasn’t able to get my camera quick enough, so it ran to the bushes
Trip-to-mountains-Siberia-07 Trip-to-mountains-Siberia-08
At one point, I wanted to set up my tent right here, and live in this place forever..
Trip-to-mountains-Siberia-09 Trip-to-mountains-Siberia-10
Too bad the temperature was almost below freezing
Trip-to-mountains-Siberia-11 Trip-to-mountains-Siberia-12
Trip-to-mountains-Siberia-13 Trip-to-mountains-Siberia-14 Trip-to-mountains-Siberia-15 Trip-to-mountains-Siberia-16 Trip-to-mountains-Siberia-18 Trip-to-mountains-Siberia-20 Trip-to-mountains-Siberia-21 Trip-to-mountains-Siberia-23 Trip-to-mountains-Siberia-24 Trip-to-mountains-Siberia-25 Trip-to-mountains-Siberia-26 Trip-to-mountains-Siberia-27
We decided to drive to the top of the mountain..
Trip-to-mountains-Siberia-28 Trip-to-mountains-Siberia-29
At the top of the mountain it is already winter..
Trip-to-mountains-Siberia-30 Trip-to-mountains-Siberia-31
Snow was everywhere..
Trip-to-mountains-Siberia-32 Trip-to-mountains-Siberia-33

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