Road trip Novosibirsk – Sochi, Russia ! (part 1).

Once in awhile by one reason or another you get a chance to drive somewhere far… I mean real far.. and sometimes it gets so far that once you started your trip after some time you begin to think why in the world did I decide to drive this fucking road… Why didn’t I simply fly or take a plane..
Anyways in October me and my Gf had a great Road trip across 1/3rd of Russia from Novosibirsk to Sochi. It took us about 7 days to  Sochi.. and we would like to share some experiences and pics that we have got from this trip…
We started out of our house at about 4 pm.  It would be better of course to start the trip as early in the morning as possible..
Russia_road_trip_001Russia is not the most comfortable country to travel in terms of road Service.. I can compare only to the US though..  but nevertheless in the last 10 years things changed and now you can easily buy hot coffee or cappuccino at a gas station..   The price is about $2 per cup (200ml).


Most of the roads look like this..Russia_road_trip_003

Our average speed was about 120 kmph or  75 mph..
Russia_road_trip_004We saw quite a bit of car accidents..  So we made sure to be extra careful !!
By the end of our second day on the road we came to the city of Kurgan.  Average size city in Siberia..  population is about 500 000 people. Russia_road_trip_006 Russia_road_trip_007 Russia_road_trip_008
Kurgan turned out to be a dirty little city where you don’t want to spend more time than you have to..

So we spent a  night in Kurgan.  We stayed at the apartment, local folks rent out apartments for travelers..  It did cost us about $30 for 24 hours.  The best website to find such apartment in Russia  is
In the morning we were surprised by fresh snow.. Russia_road_trip_012 Russia_road_trip_013 Russia_road_trip_014

We didn’t want to spend much time in Kurgan and we took off ..Russia_road_trip_015 Russia_road_trip_016 Russia_road_trip_018
Crazy long road was ahead of usRussia_road_trip_021
Russia_road_trip_022 Russia_road_trip_023 Russia_road_trip_024 Russia_road_trip_025 Russia_road_trip_026 Russia_road_trip_027 Russia_road_trip_028 Russia_road_trip_030 By the end of day we were rewarded with the beautiful sunset ! Russia_road_trip_031 Russia_road_trip_032 Russia_road_trip_033 Russia_road_trip_034

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