Sochi Olympic park host of Formula One Grand Prix

On August 2nd I have got a chance to visit Sochi Olympic park – host of 2014 Formula One Grand Prix. Sochi has long been Russia’s largest and most popular resort, but it has now also emerged as one of the country’s top sporting destinations. The Formula One Grand Prix is going to be in October.

We have got into my uncles Mercedes and had a pleasant ride towards Olympic park
Sochi is a lucky city, it has got a wonderful climate ( something like in Paradise) , and really beautiful landscape, located on the coast of the Black sea
Sochi_Olympic_park_host_of_Formula_One_Grand_Prix_002Not particularly a religious place, but once in awhile you can see a nice church


Side view from the road at Olympic park
Sochi_Olympic_park_host_of_Formula_One_Grand_Prix_005 Sochi_Olympic_park_host_of_Formula_One_Grand_Prix_006
View of Bolshoi Olympic stadium



Sochi_Olympic_park_host_of_Formula_One_Grand_Prix_011 Sochi_Olympic_park_host_of_Formula_One_Grand_Prix_012 Sochi_Olympic_park_host_of_Formula_One_Grand_Prix_013

Olympic park Railway station



Some hotel..

Fisht Olympic Stadium is an open-air stadium in Sochi

Named after Mount Fisht, the 40,000-person-capacity stadium was built primarily for the 2014 Winter Olympics and Paralympics

The Bolshoy Ice Dome  is an indoor sports arena located in Sochi, Russia. Opened in 2012, it has a capacity of 12,000 and formed part of the Coastal Cluster of venues for the 2014 Winter Olympics


Boardwalk, some people enjoy just walking

Radison hotel located right on the beach, 300 meters from Olympic park. I would guess to
stay here starts from $100.  Not too bad. Though if you come to Sochi you can find a room to stay for as little as $10 pet night with your private bathroom
Fisht at night, quite a few people hanging aroundSochi_Olympic_park_host_of_Formula_One_Grand_Prix_029
Really cool music fountain, and on the top there is the Olympic torch. When I walked up to this torch, Billie Jean was playing by Michael Jackson,  I almost danced up there a bit   
Sochi_Olympic_park_host_of_Formula_One_Grand_Prix_032 Sochi_Olympic_park_host_of_Formula_One_Grand_Prix_033

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