Social Media Stars that make millions $$$

You would think they are just pretty girls, and they do it cause they are too bored, so they shoot pics of their sexy bodies. But in fact there is a reason why they do it, and very often this reason is money !

Ana Cheri
No Jokes here.. 29 years old, Playboy model, 4.6 million Instagram subscribers.
Earned 3.4 million dollars promoting calendars, and slim body food.
ana_cheri_2 ana_cheri_1

Kayla Itsines
Australian, 24 years old, fitness instructor. 4.1 – Instagram subscribers.
According to some estimates made 6.9 million dollars. Pretty good actually !
kayla_itsines_2 kayla_itsines

Paige Hathaway
26 years old model, 3.2 million Instagram Subscribers. Promotes slim body products. Made 5.4 million dollars.
paige_hathaway_1 paige_hathaway_2 paige_hathaway_3

Chantel Zales
From Los Angeles, USA. 3.5 million subscribers, promotes beauty products, made $5.2 million dollars. Not bad actually.
Chantel_Zales_22 Chantel_Zales_1

Claudia Alende
From Brazil, 20 years old, looks like Megan Fox or even better ! Made $3 million bucks.
Claudia_Alende_2 Claudia_Alende_1

Abigail Ratchford
American beauty and the queen of curves. From Los Angeles California. Got 3.9 subscribers on Instagram. Made $3.27 million.
abigail_ratchford_1 abigail_ratchford_2

Amanda Lee
Hot 28 years old fitness instructor from Los Angeles.
Amanda made 2.7 million dollars, got 3.3 million subscribers on Instagram.
Amanda_Lee_1 Amanda_Lee_2

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