A bit too Fat or a bit too Skinny ?!

Fat or Skinny
Recently I was thinking,  how is it better.. to be a bit Fat or a bit Skinny ? Read more..

Is it really possible to lose so much weight ?

I could not believe it, but it seems it is true. A girl from New Zealand decided to change her life once and for all when her weight reached 372 pounds (170kgs). Read more..

A perfect French woman..


This is how I thought a real French woman should look like..). Read more..

About Real French Women..

France is a beautiful country, definitely ! Every time when I thought about France I actually thought about fashion.. Read more..

Social Media Stars that make millions $$$

You would think they are just pretty girls, and they do it cause they are too bored, so they shoot pics of their sexy bodies. But in fact there is a reason. Read more..

Recently I gained some weight, and I don’t know what to do.. Need help!!!

I never could think even in my scariest dreams that I might turn into a fat pig. But sure enough, little by little.. Read more..

You kid me not… But Phil Collins living with his third wife Orianne Cevey.

You kid me not… But Phil Collins living with his third wife Orianne Cevey.
He divorced her six years ago, paid her £25 million in a record-breaking divorce. Read more..

Beauty Pageant – Backstage !

If you think that you know everything about beauty Pageants, I will prove you wrong ! Lets take a look at the Backstage of the Beauty Pageant..  and see how girls look like. Not so glamorous as you might think ! Read more..

The Penthouse is done !

The legendary American Penthouse magazine ends print edition after 50 years of publishing. Read more..

Hold-Up – best movie of January 2016 !

Jean-Paul Belmondo dressed up as a clown tries to rob most secure bank of Montreal, he takes 30 hostages, confuses Montreal police and manages to get away with all the money from the bank! Read more..