About Real French Women..

France is a beautiful country, definitely ! Every time when I thought about France I actually thought about fashion.. Read more..

Walking in Paris..

Paris is lovely as usual, I think everyone should visit this place at least once in his/her life. Read more..

Spring in Paris, part 2.

My friend Natali Rossi, recently visited Paris, France, I met with her in one of the coffee shops and we talked a bit about her trip. Well she kind of fell in love with this city in the spring. To be honest while sitting in the coffee shop for two hours I have got a bit tired listening about Paris. She shared some of her pics and I am posting her second day in Paris. Let’s see..

One spring day in Paris, France

If you would like to know what is April like in Paris, my friend Natali just came back from this lovely city, and she was generous enough to share some beautiful pics from Paris.
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Walking around Paris – Day 2 !

Our second day in Paris was spent primarily walking through the central part of the city…Make sure to wear comfortable shoes..


Long waited vacation in Paris !

My wife always dreamed about Paris, every time when we would see the Paris on TV,
she would hug me and kiss me saying how much she would want to go to this place. I really never could understand this desire to visit Paris, to me it would be no difference to go to London, Barcelona, Prague or Paris.