Moscow Christmas Bicycle ride at – 30 C !

How about that, it is January and it is -30 degrees C. Read more..

Altai mountains in May..

Definitely Altai Mountains are very far..   But we had a chance to visit it. Read more..

Road to Orton, wild mountains of Siberia

I was lucky enough, this week I visited mountains about 50 km to the South from the city of Mezhdurechensk. It is fall in Siberia, and days are chilly. Read more..

Jacobs coffee Birthday Party at the Riverside

I guess this sunday Jacobs was celebrating it’s Birthday at the Riverside.
The event started at noon, we showed up only at about 19 pm. Read more..

May Day Parade, Monstration in Russia )

May 1st is a big deal in Russia, people celebrate the coming of spring and also Labor Day.
I hardly was able to wake up on time, took shower very quickly and drove to the center of the city to watch May 1st Parade. Read more..

5 Important Tips how to travel in Russia!

Since I have spent in this country around 25 years, I know it really well and can share a tip or two about Russia. Safety is the first thing that comes in mind.  Is Russia really safe in comparison to the western countries ?
Read more..

Novosibirsk Russia – as it is ..

Yesterday I was walking around the city and shooting some random pics here and there.
If you wonder what Novosibirsk like in February, that’s how it is..

Road trip Novosibirsk – Sochi, Russia ! (part 1).

Once in awhile by one reason or another you get a chance to drive somewhere far… I mean real far.. and sometimes it gets so far that once you started your trip after some time you begin to think why in the world did I decide to drive this fucking road… Why didn’t I simply fly or take a plane…

Sochi Olympic park – host of 2014 Formula One Grand Prix

On August 2nd I have got a chance to visit Sochi Olympic park – host of 2014 Formula One Grand Prix. Sochi has long been Russia’s largest and most popular resort, but it has now also emerged as one of the country’s top sporting destinations. The Formula One Grand Prix is going to be in October.

Across Russia by car – Road Trip – Krasnodar – Novosibirsk

Hi everyone ! My name is Art, I am not married, have no kids and unemployed at the moment.  This life style gives me a bit of free time for writing stories, and I would love to share with you little story about my Road trip across half Russia from Krasnodar to Novosibirsk !