Beauty Pageant – Backstage !

If you think that you know everything about beauty Pageants, I will prove you wrong ! Lets take a look at the Backstage of the Beauty Pageant..  and see how girls look like. Not so glamorous as you might think ! Read more..

The Penthouse is done !

The legendary American Penthouse magazine ends print edition after 50 years of publishing. Read more..

Want to marry a sexy, young, black girl – go to Ethiopia !

Did you know, if you take a picture of a girl in Ethiopia, after that according to a local tradition you are obligated to marry her. Read more..

The lady who paints pictures with her Breasts !

You would think it is not real, but it is real, a young and beautiful lady lives in Prague and paints pictures with her beautiful Breast ! Actually, there are no good words to describe it, it is better to see it for yourself..

Eat pizza, drink coke, it is ok you still can be a supermodel!

ashley graham 1
I don’t know what happened to this world but just 15 years ago you even could not dream about this, a girl with Fat ass can be a supermodel. Read more..

Well Gays won! Why don’t we legalize Polygamy?!

gay marriage ruling 1
Just 50 years ago nobody thought it would happen, now I guess it is ok for a man to marry another man (the same applies to women), how about next thing a man marries three women or a woman marries three men, is that ok ?!! Read more..

Bruce Jenner has been unveiled as a woman, isn’t it late at 65 ?!

For the last year or so I was reading, hearing, watching stories about Bruce Jenner, and how at the age of 65, Bruce had a desire to become a woman.
Bruce Jenner Caitlyn Jenner
Read more..

Travers Beynon – is this guy for real ?!

Perhaps you heard about Travers Beynon, but I came across his story just recently… I was amazed.. the guy is living pretty much every man’s dream..  doing nothing, having fun, and a lots of hot girls around..  what do you think is it really a dream.. Read more..