Samsung SM-G355H/DS – is it worth it ?

When it comes down to buying a smartphone the first thing you should care about is BRAND! Smartphones are very complicated to make, and not every company can put it all together. Read more..

Installing Viber on PC..

viber for pc
Well I am installing Viber on PC, it is just so much faster to Type on my keyboard, and my phone screen is not that huge. Dont like the phones that dont fit into my pocket. Well it turns out that Viber is 96 MB big..  isn’t it too much for a PC messenger ? Hopefully it will not take 1 gig of my disk space when it will be installed.
p.s. Installed seems working..

I have to confess – Apple is overpriced junk, and this is why..

Why Apple is overpriced junk
My first Gadget from Apple was Ipod Classic, beautifully designed device, I literally fell in love with it, the price was around $340, which was high, but what the heck, I paid.  Read more..