Hold-Up – best movie of January 2016 !

Jean-Paul Belmondo dressed up as a clown tries to rob most secure bank of Montreal, he takes 30 hostages, confuses Montreal police and manages to get away with all the money from the bank! Read more.. 

Great movie for Friday night !

six days seven nights - good movie for friday night
You know how hard it is nowadays with good movies.. For every 10 new released movies just one is going to be good ! Six days Seven nights is another great movie perhaps you haven’t watched. Read more..

Wedding Crashers – wish I would spend my summer like this !

best romantic comedies  wedding crashers review 4
If you are 18 years old or maybe 20 then perhaps you missed this wonderful romantic comedy – Wedding Crashers. Read more..

Orange is the new Black, season 3 – review

orange is the new black season 3
Is it worth watching 3rd season Orange is the new Black ? Shure enough I was waiting for this one the entire year. Taking into account that 1st and 2nd seasons were sensational, I thought it was a little bit cruel for producers to release the 3rd season in one year. I patiently waited and finally, they released it. Read more.

Down and Out in Beverly Hills – great movie for Saturday night!

If you have not watched this one you have to.. Classic comedy DOWN and OUT BEVERLY HILLS has it all ! Great humour, intelligent sarcasm, interesting storyline..
Read more..

Pretty Woman – best romantic movie ever | Review

Well, if you have not watched this one, you definitely should watch it! Pretty Woman is definitely one of the best romantic movies. Most of us have seen this movie and not just..
 Read more..

Chef – nice movie from Depression | Review – was it paid by Twitter ?!

So last night I was looking once again for a nice, good comedy! I wanted to watch something nice and relaxing, something what would light me up and raised my spirit, cause lately I was experiencing medium level of depression! Among hundreds of movies decided to watch Chef..
сруа 2014 2
Read more..