Great movie for Friday night !

six days seven nights - good movie for friday night
You know how hard it is nowadays with good movies.. For every 10 new released movies just one is going to be good ! Six days Seven nights is another great movie perhaps you haven’t watched. Read more..

Orange is the new Black, season 3 – review

orange is the new black season 3
Is it worth watching 3rd season Orange is the new Black ? Shure enough I was waiting for this one the entire year. Taking into account that 1st and 2nd seasons were sensational, I thought it was a little bit cruel for producers to release the 3rd season in one year. I patiently waited and finally, they released it. Read more.

Gemma Bovery – beautiful romantic movie! | Review

Gemma Bovery movie 1
If you are into drama-romance movies, then most likely you will enjoy Gemma Bovery. I would say it is a classy French movie, with beautiful actors and scenery. Gemma Bovery is a story about young English lady who comes to French countryside to enjoy simple and easygoing life. Her neighbor Martin, semi-retired baker falls in love with Gemma, though he doesn’t have courage to charm her into his net, meanwhile Gemma sleeps around with a younger neighbor. I wouldn’t call it a hot, steamy romantic movie, this one is a bit slow but beautiful, and very enjoyable! Read more..

Chef – nice movie from Depression | Review – was it paid by Twitter ?!

So last night I was looking once again for a nice, good comedy! I wanted to watch something nice and relaxing, something what would light me up and raised my spirit, cause lately I was experiencing medium level of depression! Among hundreds of movies decided to watch Chef..
сруа 2014 2
Read more..

American Sniper | Review

Interesting story, engaging scenario, well shot movie. Bradley Cooper shines, pretty much as always. It is well worth to watch this movie. From time to time it gets a bit rough, if you are sensitive , and have a gentle heart it might be somewhat tough for you..
Complete Review..

The Ron Clark Story | Review

Absolutely interesting, inspiring and amazing movie that is well worth watching. It is not a comedy, it is an inspiring story that has power perhaps to change some aspects of your life for good..
Complete Review..