Pattaya… long waited vacation ..

Thailand was always somewhat mysterious for me. Sunny, blue sky, ocean and a lot of palms.  I was really tired of all this cold and snow and frost…. Fuck it all I was repeating all winter long and of course I was waiting when I will order a taxi to drive me and my girlfriend to the airport !

The airport of Bangkok turned out as ordinary as it can be..

We got on a bus, 2 hour drive was ahead of us..
Thailand-pattaya-04 Thailand-pattaya-05 Thailand-pattaya-06 Thailand-pattaya-07 Thailand-pattaya-08
It seems to me that Thailand has ok highway system, perhaps not as great as American..
Entrance to the resort territory.

From the outside resort hotel looked great ! Though in reality it turned out to be a sucky place (Ambassador hotel), with poor service, horrible food, and old cheap rooms.

On the bright side the territory of the hotel was fine, beach I would guess was one of the best in Pattaya.


Local employees drive bikes to work. Thailand-pattaya-13

In the evening we decided to go the local mall. Our hotel was located about 20 minutes away from many attractions. We got on a took-took ( pickup truck with a roof over it ), this is what they have in Pattaya instead of regular buses.
In took-took we met some local school girls who were smiling to us.
Thailand-pattaya-14 Thailand-pattaya-15

It is the greatest thing in the world to find yourself somewhere far away, where you have never been before..
Thailand-pattaya-16 Thailand-pattaya-17
Thailand-pattaya-18 Thailand-pattaya-19
A lot of folks in Thailand drive bikes, very popular way to get around..
That was our first day..
Thailand-pattaya-22 Pattaya Thailand Thailand-pattaya-20

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