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New York, NY, United States
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Greetings ~ thank you for choosing my service.

My name is David and I've been painting for over 10+ years. As a lifelong artist, my goal is to make your home look beautiful.
Text me at: 347-296-9760

Cost and Time:
Depending on the size of the project here are my current pricing quotes:

Full Day Rate : $250 per 8 hours
Half Day Rate : $160 per 4 hours
Handyman Rate : $100 for 2 hours

Expedite Service : $450 for a quick touch-up, includes 10 hours and a helper to make the job go way faster

Wall Accents & Design: for a customized look and feel, includes planning and creating, send me details and pictures in your inquiry.

Get quality service: I smooth out cracks, fill in holes, use high end paintbrushes and rollers, my strokes are straight lines. Smooth to the finish. I strive for excellent results.

*Payment is required at the end of the day. I accept Cash, Venmo, Zelle

You'll supply the paint and I'll bring in my rollers and paintbrushes, tarp, tape, ladder, etc.
For additional materials from Home Depot, I can offer a $50 pick up fee which is to be paid in advance along with the cost of what else is needed.

I go really fast and get the job done with precision. Super clean and no drips!

As per project, it will be helpful to know
- size of the space, number of rooms
- how many coats of paint are needed
- holes or cracks that need to be filled in
- photos and videos or description of the area

Professional Painter and Skilled Handyman available for work in New York City locations: Manhattan and Bronx, parts of Brooklyn and Queens.

For any questions you are welcome to email here and text: 347-296-9760

Thank you for your inquiry. Communication is key. David

Carpenter woodworker, finish work, trim and molding, flooring, tiling, skimcoat, interior residential painting.

Overall the art of making things beautiful.