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It isn't hard to make your yard stand out by adding some fresh pine needles or mulch! They dont just look good but they are also beneficial to you yard or garden! They can help absorb moisture, reducing drainage while also retaining moisture for plants, shrubs and trees. They also act as great insulation for shrub and tree roots during the cold winter months! Now is a great time to spread them since most of the leaves have fallen and the colder months are approaching!

I use high quality longleaf pine needles and bagged mulch. For mulch you will have the choice of red, black or brown.

Save 10% on your total invoice if you choose to have bushes trimmed or leaves collected before spreading the needles or mulch!

Have an area you would like to turn into a mulch or flower bed? I can help! I offer many different edging types!

I can also redefine edges before placing ground coverings for a nice clean look!

Feel free to text or call me for an estimate! 980 819 0169

Matt Nowell
Gramma's Lawn Care and Landscaping