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Dandridge, TN, USA
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$ 6,000
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We teach you everything from spore prints to Growing Mushrooms on Sawdust Bags.
2 FULL DAYS of “Hands - On” Mushroom Cultivation Class
We come to you and your facility.

All classes are custom designed to find & enhance students primary interest & business objectives.
Classroom Instructions:
Mushroom Ecology and the Life cycle of the Mushroom.
Spawn Making / Expanding Preparation of Substrates
Specific mushroom growing environments (Indoor and Outdoor)
Mushroom Harvesting & Storage
Marketing & Distribution strategies (Wholesale & Retail)
Medicinal Mushrooms / Innovative mycosystems
Hands on Training:
Sterile lab procedures using laminar flow hood
Petri dishes, Spore inoculations, Transfers / Cloning
Grain and sawdust spawn production,Formulate, Sterilize and Inoculate Shiitake Blocks
$6000.00 2 day class