Japanese school girls at work!

You can notice these girls from far away! Mini-skirt, stockings a lot of make-up and naive smile! She will approach you, and will make an offer! And most clients buy it! Japanese school girls drive men crazy! Oh boy..
In Tokyo, they have a whole district where Japanese girls are standing on the street for hours inviting clients, and those girls are not shy!
It doesn’t matter if it rains or not, girls are there doing hard work, a perfect image of promiscuity and lust!
Some streets are just flooded with sexy school girls, they just stand there every 2-3 meters away from each other. It seems like they are especially glad to see foreigners!

If you thought that all those school girls are hot prostitutes, unfortunately I have to disappoint you a bit. 
These girls just stand there and give away flyers, advertising special Maid Cafés.  In these Cafés, all waitresses are super hot, and dressed as sexy school girls. 
From what I heard in most exquisite Cafés they have mirror floors, and waitresses wear mini-skirt with no underwear. 
Oh my… hot-japanese-girls-22 hot-japanese-girls-23

Pics by: Macos

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  1. What a lovely bar, too bad they don’t have such bars in our little town !

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