Jamaican guy marries lady who is twice his age.

Angharad Lovering 38 fell in love with Loric Bullock 19
I guess if you are horny enough, and can’t get whatever you want in your own country, almost nothing can stop you on the way to your happiness.  Angharad Lovering, 38, fell in love with Loric Bullock, 19, on Skype. According to the story by Cambiarnews, office worker then took her holiday and went to meet him in Jamaica, Weeks later he proposed by text and the couple married last May in Wales. Ms. Lovering got pregnant the first time they met.

Eat pizza, drink coke, it is ok you still can be a supermodel!

ashley graham 1
I don’t know what happened to this world but just 15 years ago you even could not dream about this, a girl with Fat ass can be a supermodel. Read more..

Orange is the new Black, season 3 – review

orange is the new black season 3
Is it worth watching 3rd season Orange is the new Black ? Shure enough I was waiting for this one the entire year. Taking into account that 1st and 2nd seasons were sensational, I thought it was a little bit cruel for producers to release the 3rd season in one year. I patiently waited and finally, they released it. Read more.

Road to Orton, wild mountains of Siberia

I was lucky enough, this week I visited mountains about 50 km to the South from the city of Mezhdurechensk. It is fall in Siberia, and days are chilly. Read more..

Walking in Paris..

Paris is lovely as usual, I think everyone should visit this place at least once in his/her life. Read more..

(France) Unexpectedly, French people are enough kind

I read some article that many of tourists don’t like touring France, because the local people are too cold. But in my experience, France is the same as other country that there are many kind people. Read more..

About Dams, Lambs, Rams and … Summer?

I have decided to stay in Borgarfjordur Eystri for a while. Read more..