Burj Khalifa, Dubai mall

Heard so much about this place. Read more..

Hold-Up – best movie of January 2016 !

Jean-Paul Belmondo dressed up as a clown tries to rob most secure bank of Montreal, he takes 30 hostages, confuses Montreal police and manages to get away with all the money from the bank! Read more.. 

Samsung SM-G355H/DS – is it worth it ?

When it comes down to buying a smartphone the first thing you should care about is BRAND! Smartphones are very complicated to make, and not every company can put it all together. Read more..

The intern – review !

You would think they don’t know how to make good movies anymore… and it is somewhat true..   Well It was January 1st, and I decided to watch THE INTERN ! Read more..

Orange is the new Black, season 3 – review

orange is the new black season 3
Is it worth watching 3rd season Orange is the new Black ? Shure enough I was waiting for this one the entire year. Taking into account that 1st and 2nd seasons were sensational, I thought it was a little bit cruel for producers to release the 3rd season in one year. I patiently waited and finally, they released it. Read more.

Road to Orton, wild mountains of Siberia

I was lucky enough, this week I visited mountains about 50 km to the South from the city of Mezhdurechensk. It is fall in Siberia, and days are chilly. Read more..

Jacobs coffee Birthday Party at the Riverside

I guess this sunday Jacobs was celebrating it’s Birthday at the Riverside.
The event started at noon, we showed up only at about 19 pm. Read more..

Bought Crocs today for $5, could not believe it

Actually always wanted to buy Crocs (www.crocs.com)  pretty much everyone knows this Brand. Sort of stylish, innovative and with high promo. Read more..

Road trip, wild camping in Altai mountains

Recently I was camping at the Altai Mountains, we spent four days on the bank of the Katun river at the footsteps of Altai Mountains. Read more..

Those cute street cats..

Today I have met cute cats at the construction site, not too far from my house. They charmed me deeply..  Cats appeared to be homeless. Read more..