My vacation in Nha Trang, Vietnam – part 1

I don’t like cold weather, and would love to live in a hot country, but not all of us are so fortunate. In February..  Read more..

Sweet Bunny – a present for my girlfriend

I actually killed last two days thinking about birthday present for my girlfriend. Read more..

You kid me not… But Phil Collins living with his third wife Orianne Cevey.

You kid me not… But Phil Collins living with his third wife Orianne Cevey.
He divorced her six years ago, paid her £25 million in a record-breaking divorce. Read more..

The Penthouse is done !

The legendary American Penthouse magazine ends print edition after 50 years of publishing. Read more..

The intern – review !

You would think they don’t know how to make good movies anymore… and it is somewhat true..   Well It was January 1st, and I decided to watch THE INTERN ! Read more..

Happy New Year to you all who visits our lovely and peaceful website!

Hopefully 2016 will bring only joy and happiness to your life ! Peace..

Want to marry a sexy, young, black girl – go to Ethiopia !

Did you know, if you take a picture of a girl in Ethiopia, after that according to a local tradition you are obligated to marry her. Read more..

Christmas in the US, you have got to visit !

It is almost Christmas in the US, a very special time I love so dear ! There is nothing better than Christmas and coming of the New Year. Read more..

The lady who paints pictures with her Breasts !

You would think it is not real, but it is real, a young and beautiful lady lives in Prague and paints pictures with her beautiful Breast ! Actually, there are no good words to describe it, it is better to see it for yourself..

Easy way to keep your Credit or Debit card safe !

easy way to keep your Credit or Debit card safe 3
 We all know how dangerous it is nowadays to use Debit and Credit cards. Crooks clean out people’s accounts everyday. In fact someone’s money has been stolen at the very moment I am writing these lines. Read more..