Great movie for Friday night !

six days seven nights - good movie for friday night
You know how hard it is nowadays with good movies.. For every 10 new released movies just one is going to be good ! Six days Seven nights is another great movie perhaps you haven’t watched. Read more..

Wedding Crashers – wish I would spend my summer like this !

best romantic comedies  wedding crashers review 4
If you are 18 years old or maybe 20 then perhaps you missed this wonderful romantic comedy – Wedding Crashers. Read more..

Gemma Bovery – beautiful romantic movie! | Review

Gemma Bovery movie 1
If you are into drama-romance movies, then most likely you will enjoy Gemma Bovery. I would say it is a classy French movie, with beautiful actors and scenery. Gemma Bovery is a story about young English lady who comes to French countryside to enjoy simple and easygoing life. Her neighbor Martin, semi-retired baker falls in love with Gemma, though he doesn’t have courage to charm her into his net, meanwhile Gemma sleeps around with a younger neighbor. I wouldn’t call it a hot, steamy romantic movie, this one is a bit slow but beautiful, and very enjoyable! Read more..

Pretty Woman – best romantic movie ever | Review

Well, if you have not watched this one, you definitely should watch it! Pretty Woman is definitely one of the best romantic movies. Most of us have seen this movie and not just..
 Read more..