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We are Envirofry, Upkeep Masters providing mold inspection, testing, remediation & prevention services. We offer a good service to home owners to evaluate if your property is experiencing mold problem the initial first step is to do mold inspection and testing to evaluate the building mold contamination. We provide one collected mold sample with mold lab results for mold species identification and quantification to clarify the severity of the problem to be lab analyzed by an independent accredited laboratory. When we have the lab result and the result document elevated levels of mold ,we can provide a mold remediation treatment protocol plan whether the needed client will used to get competitive bids, or our company will give a reasonable quote to fix the mold problem to make the building environmental safe for the occupants. We provide 24 hours turnaround time with mold lab results and mold inspection report with mold remediation protocol plan bid quotation if needed.

We have over 15 years of service experience specializing mold environmental problem serving nationwide and international. Please email us at or call us at 1-480-440-1519. We always look forward in helping you solve any mold problem of your building. Many thanks---

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Divine Fry
Certified Environmental Hygienist