Photographer tries to find husbands for his sexy Supermodels !


You would think it is unrealistic to marry a Supermodel ! Most people think for average Joe it is possible only in his dreams !   But it turns out the world is much better than this !  In fact everyone has a chance to marry a hot, sexy, Supermodel with long legs..
Photographer Ivan Letohin is working really hard to find husbands for his sexy Supermodels.
In July he was looking for husband for stunning beauty Tanya !
According to Mr. Letohin, Tanya is an excellent cook, likes sports, enjoys reading
Appreciates good humor, doesn’t like nightclubs
Her future boyfriend/husband must be easygoing, enjoy traveling, and be responsible person. Oh my

In June Mr. Letohin was trying to find a boyfriend or better husband for Olga..
Olga is looking for a guy who has a great sense of humor
50% of her time Olga laughs… other 50% she makes pretty bouquets, Olga is a florist
how-to-marry-a-sexy-Supermodel-09 No comments here.. how-to-marry-a-sexy-Supermodel-13

In May Ivan was trying really hard to marry Masha !
In fact Masha is a lawyer, and a model of course
Masha really likes to travel, sports – snowboarding, cycling

And some people think the world is not beautiful, it is.. you just have to look at the right places !

Pics by: Ivan Letohin

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